KARMA is not what you think it is!

Karma is a word from the Sanskrit language that simply translates into “action” or “to do.” Just that. In English, karma has the connotation of being the result of one’s actions—good or bad—a sort of payback that is earned.

What Karma really means….

All actions—however small or large, well-intentioned or ill- intentioned—every act in deed, thought and in speech is karma. It is what we do, what we say, and what we think. There is no judgment. There is no punishment. It is not good or bad, right or wrong. It just is!

Where Karma comes from

Karma springs from our feelings and emotions. Our feelings and emotions propel us to action, which then creates a reaction that we experience later in time—maybe even during a future lifetime.

How Karma works

Karma is a natural order of creation, a Universal mirror that reflects all that we do so that we can learn and grow.  Wisdom and growth support our evolution throughout all our lifetimes. As we become more evolved, our actions—even our thoughts and our speaking—naturally begin to center around doing good. Karma allows us to express the truth of who we are, a noble purpose indeed.

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