KARMA is a Gift!

We now know that Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates into “act” or “to do”— actions, speech and thought. Anything we do using our free will is a part of our karma; in turn, a similar situation is re-created so that we can experience the ramifications of our actions, whether during former lives or this one. Understanding and appreciating the pleasure and pain of our actions is part of the universal order that provides for our growth.
This opportunity to grow and learn—to evolve—is a gift. We learn from our experiences. And, by going through an experience again from a different perspective we learn not to repeat a situation that may have a negative impact on others. Sometimes, these experiences can be painful, unpleasant or even tragic — and typically it is the painful situations we remember most, preventing us from making the same mistakes over and over again.
As we continue through this process in every lifetime, we grow, evolve, and mature into gentle, giving, virtuous, benevolent beings. To that end, every life and all karmas are phenomenal gifts to be appreciated.

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